Character Creation rules

All characters will be created together at the first session, but please think about character concepts, backgrounds etc in advance.

Background: Your Investigator must have a fleshed-out background with at minimum the following details:

  • name, birthplace, details of immediate family;
  • sketch of life story – where did he/she grow up, go to school, spend their time before the game starts in 1928? Here is a handy list of historical events to shape your background. For example, anyone who is in their 30’s or 40’s in 1928 likely fought in World War I; if your Investigator didn’t, why not?
  • reason for being interested in the premise of the game – why are you likely to investigate unusual events? You don’t need to be a closet occultist or folklore researcher, but you should have some reason for getting involved in the mysteries that occur instead of just avoiding them or running away.
  • a reason for being in Boston and wishing to travel to Arkham. If you are from Arkham, you may have traveled to Boston to visit family or attend a funeral; if you are from away, Boston may have been a stopping point on your journey to Arkham. This reason does not need to be (shouldn’t be?) Mythos-related to any great degree; common reasons such as visiting friends or relations, attending Miskatonic University, or something similar are fine.

Statistics: We will use the random roll method found in CoC Core Rulebook: Rolling in order, 3d6 for STR, DEX, CON, APP, POW; 2d6+6 for INT and SIZ; 3d6+3 for EDU. After rolling, players may switch any two stats from the same roll category (STR and CON, for example, but not STR and EDU). If the Investigator has three stars below 9, the stats may be rerolled from scratch at the player’s option.

Age: The Investigator’s age is EDU+6 years. For every 10 years older, the Investigator gains 1 point of EDU. For every 10 years over the age of 40, the Investigator must lose 1 point of either STR, DEX, CON, or APP.

Occupations: All Occupations from the CoC Core Rulebook are available, as are occupations from the 1920’s Investigator’s Handbook. All Occupations get 8 skills as Occupation skills; for those Occupations which list more than 8 skills, the player must choose 8.

Skill Points: The Investigator receives (EDU x 20) Occupation skill points, which must be spent on the eight skills listed as Occupation skills. The Investigator also receives (INT x 10) Personal Interest skill points, which can be allocated to any skill except Cthulhu Mythos. Note that most hand-to-hand weapons such as fencing foil, sabre, knife, etc. have their own individual skill; there are no “martial weapon proficiency” or group proficiency.

Gear and Money: Will be dealt with at the first session.

Character Creation rules

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